Hurricane Maria Recovery Efforts in Puerto Rico & USVI

Beginning Phase 3 Long Term Recovery

huggingAs The Salvation Army begins Long Term Recovery efforts in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands, we have met with several corporate entities, partner agencies and FEMA.  We continue to create our organizational structure around the principles of collaboration and relationship building with allies throughout the region.

As noted in previous updates, there are still parts of Puerto Rico without power and water, and the infrastructure continues to be a major problem.  With many traffic lights still in disrepair, road signage gone, and potholes large enough to swallow small vehicles, traffic is impeded with hazards that make travel dangerous.  Accidents are common place, and getting around can be a great challenge.  Downed power lines, debris, and abandoned buildings add to the general unsightliness, as there is an overwhelming amount of repair needed.  All of this creates real need for emotional and spiritual care, a focused priority for The Salvation Army.  We have set aside funds to make referrals to mental health professionals, as needed. Continue reading “Hurricane Maria Recovery Efforts in Puerto Rico & USVI”


EDS Supports City of Philadelphia During Winter Storm Stella

The Salvation Army’s Emergency Disaster Services (EDS) is gearing up to support the City eds-smallof Philadelphia in response to the impending winter storm “Stella,” which is forecasted to hit Pennsylvania late Monday night, March 13, and into Tuesday, March 14.

EDS has been tapped by the city to distribute 150+ meals to staff at the city’s Emergency Operation Center starting Monday at 9 pm through Wednesday. EDS staff and volunteers are on stand-by with the city to assist with transporting homeless individuals to shelter, if needed. They may also be called upon by the city to distribute meals to homeless individuals sheltering in the subway stations in the Center City area.  In the meantime, EDS crews are finalizing preparations on their Salvation Army canteens and emergency response vehicles to ensure they will be able to maneuver the city streets in the snowy conditions. Continue reading “EDS Supports City of Philadelphia During Winter Storm Stella”

Supporting City of Philadelphia during Democratic National Convention

Preps Underway 7/21/16

The Salvation Army’s Emergency Disaster Services (EDS) Unit stationed in Philadelphia will be supporting the City of Philadelphia by providing hydration to thousands of first responders on duty during the Democratic National Convention, July 23 through July 28.

Continue reading “Supporting City of Philadelphia during Democratic National Convention”