The Salvation Army of Allentown Offering Free Financial Literacy Workshops

financial literacyLocal Families Learn about Basic Banking, Budgeting, Home Buying, & Credit Reports

ALLENTOWN, PA – The Salvation Army of Allentown is offering free financial literacy workshops to local individuals and families thanks to a partnership with Santander Bank.  Classes are taught by an instructor with Santander Bank and topics include: Basic Banking, Budgeting & Money Management, Home Buying Ownership, and Credit Reports and Loans.

The workshops will focus primarily on reinforcing knowledge, teaching new techniques, and providing opportunities for peer-to-peer support. Families will be encouraged to ask questions about financial concerns and develop short and long-term personal financial goals.  The curriculum will also provide age-appropriate activities for children to enhance their understanding of money.   Continue reading “The Salvation Army of Allentown Offering Free Financial Literacy Workshops”