Pathway of Hope Initiative Receives $750K State Grant to Combat Poverty in Central & Eastern PA

The Salvation Army of Eastern Pennsylvania and Delaware is the recipient of a $750,000 Department of Education grant from the State of Pennsylvania to support its Pathway of Hope initiative. The announcement was made at a press conference held at The Salvation Army of York on October 3, 2018. Rolled out in central Pennsylvania in 2015, Pathway of Hope focuses on the long-term goals of self-sufficiency of impoverished families, intended to break the cycle of crisis and intergenerational poverty. Families who are motivated and committed to taking the necessary steps to improve their lives, work with a Salvation Army case manager for social and spiritual support. They are also connected with services for jobs, health, housing, childcare, education and legal services.

(L-R) Major Timothy Lyle, Major Martha Bone, Major Dennie Camuti, Rep. Stan Saylor, Rev. Bonnie Camarda, Mindy McCormick, Major Erma Camuti

“We know the struggle it is for families to lift themselves out of poverty.  The Pathway of Hope is not a handout, it is a hand up. It gives families who want to improve their circumstances access to resources such as job search services, health, housing, childcare, education and legal services,” said State Representative Stan Saylor, R-York, who was instrumental in securing the funding.

Major Lyle & Rep. Saylor

“It is my belief that this program will make a major impact on the lives of families throughout York County.  What you see today is innovation in helping end poverty.  With state government and non-profits working together we can make real strides in combating poverty through a new and fresh approach,” Saylor added.

The Salvation Army of Eastern PA & DE’s Pathway of Hope initiative is currently assisting families in 17 communities throughout Pennsylvania and Delaware. To date, it has served 162 families, including 232 adults and 394 children. The Department of Education grant will cover program costs in York, Harrisburg, Lancaster, Reading and Carlisle. It also allows The Salvation Army to launch Pathway of Hope in Boyertown, Norristown, Pottstown and Levittown in January 2019.

“The Salvation Army is sincerely grateful for the Department of Education and Representative Saylor’s support of Pathway of Hope throughout this region,” said Major Timothy Lyle, General Secretary for The Salvation Army, Eastern PA and DE division.   “We are committed to doing the most good with this grant by helping impoverished families breakout of poverty and achieve long term self-sufficiency.”

For more information on Pathway of Hope in Pennsylvania and Delaware, visit

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