Harrisburg Wins with Women INvolved

28337075_1702456949850679_4565871603923605982_oOur WIN (Women INvolved Auxiliary) at The Salvation Army of Harrisburg is known for its annual Shoe Strut event, but members do way more than that for our community.

Recently, the women spent a few hours packing up some 350 spice and meal kits which provide food pantry clients with the dignity of healthy food that also tastes good.

Families who visit the Choice Shopping Pantry in Harrisburg for basic staples, are also able to enjoy our Salvation Army “Red Apron” meal kits, like Mexican Pinto Beans, Red Beans and Rice and even Cranberry Coffee Cake (a great way to use an abundance of donated cranberry sauce). Plus, they get a wide selection of spices (a “luxury” item for those we serve) to make that can of tuna, head of cabbage or sweet potato taste even better.

Click here for more information about WIN in Harrisburg!

Click here for details about the Shoe Strut coming up on September 21, 2018

shoe strut website

The main purpose of the Shoe Strut is to solve a community need: New shoes for needy children.  For every guest, one pair of new shoes will be donated to a local child in need through The Salvation Army in partnership with Boscov’s.  In addition, 100% of silent auction proceeds directly benefit local children in need.

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