Adopt Lehigh Valley Kids

Adopt Lehigh Valley - smaller jpegThe Salvation Army Children’s Services Launches New Partnership to help children find a forever home

Every child deserves a safe, loving, and caring home. The Salvation Army Children’s Services Foster Care and Adoption Program helps connect children with compassionate homes and families. It works to nurture children, strengthen families and engage communities. To achieve these goals, The Salvation Army Children’s Services offers a variety of foster care and adoption options and services. Its commitment extends beyond finding stable homes for children and includes supporting prospective foster and adoptive parents throughout their journey to become Resource Parents.

Adopt ApprovedThe sad truth is that, despite efforts to keep families together, more and more children are in need of finding stable, permanent homes, often due to irreparable family circumstances. To address this critical need, adoption work is currently the highest priority in Children Services. A collaboration between Lehigh County Children and Youth, Northampton County Children and Youth, WFMZ Channel 69, and The Salvation Army Children’s Services was formed to help place children in need of adoption. This collaboration, called Adopt Lehigh Valley Kids, features children and teens in the foster care system within Lehigh and Northampton who are legally free for adoption and waiting for a permanent, loving home and family. Lehigh and Northampton Children and Youth Services provides assistance for the identification of waiting kids.

On the first Friday of every month, WFMZ-TV 69 News promotes a selected child or youth on the 6 p.m. news and re-airs the same program the following Saturday morning on News at Sunrise. The segments include a short, three to five-minute video of a child from the Lehigh Valley who is waiting for a permanent home. Due to confidentiality concerns, the child’s name is changed for the segment and only a first name is used. The child shares information about their favorite things to do, what they hope for in an adoptive family, and what having a forever family would mean to them. Information about the particular child is also shared on The Salvation Army’s webpage and Channel 69’s webpage. To date Children’s Services has received 14 inquiries about the seven children and youth featured and so far three have been matched with families.

Adopt 2 - smaller jpegFlorence Rhue, Director of Children’s Services states, “This news feature is creating lasting change for children and youth that are lingering in the foster care system, its providing needed awareness in the community for an often forgotten and misunderstood population of children. These are great kids who have overcome so many obstacles in their short lives; they are so resilient and so deserving of a place to call home. We expect that many lives will be permanently changed by this great partnership!”

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