MaLT: Changing the Lives of Young Salvationists

MaLT Graduation
Major Debbie Burr, Beverly, Micah and Major Doug Burr, The Salvation Army of Chambersburg

Micah was at a crossroads in his life.  He had successfully completed The Salvation Army’s drug and alcohol treatment program in Greenville, South Carolina. He was strengthening his spirituality and becoming closer in his relationship with God. He was employed by The Salvation Army and was living with a friend in a nice apartment. Although it seemed Micah had turned his life around after years of addiction and turmoil, he felt a void he couldn’t explain.  That’s when the leadership at The Salvation Army of Greenville told Micah about the new “MaLT” program launching in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania.

“It required leaving everything I knew,” Micah explained. “But I felt God was pulling me to uproot. I’m really thankful I did.”

MaLT, which stands for Mission and Leadership Training, is a specialized program for young Salvationists that prepares them for a life of faithful service.

Majors Burr

“We love to connect with people who want to learn more about God,” said Major Doug Burr, co-commanding officer of The Salvation Army of Chambersburg.

Majors Doug and Debbie Burr developed MaLT to provide young people like Micah with tools that will benefit them in any career path and to inspire them to become invested in the Corps and the local community.

The eight month program runs from September to May. Students are expected to provide a modest $500 tuition fee, however what they get in return is priceless!

MaLT participants should expect the following:

  • Live and minister in the Chambersburg community
  • Be involved in relational evangelism in various corps outreach programs
  • Be engaged in leadership training
  • Commit to personal spiritual formation (ongoing inward transformation)
  • Attend weekly classes that will cover various topics such as: doctrine, holiness, prayer, spiritual formation, disciplines, wellness, leadership and more.
  • Work ten paid hours a week at the local corps thrift store or soup kitchen for basic spending money
  • Eat breakfast and lunch in the soup kitchen five days a week for relational evangelism
  • Be involved in corps youth programs
  • Develop and operate a coffee house for local homeless individuals

“Doug and Debbie are phenomenally connected to God,” Micah said of his mentors. “It was a humbling experience to learn so much.”

Micah attended MaLT as a full-time student. However, there are opportunities for interested individuals to take classes, as was the case for Beverly, who was unable to participate full-time  due to family and job obligations.

“The Salvation Army saved my life,” Beverly said. “I don’t know where I’d be if it wasn’t for the corps.”

Beverly started attending church with her husband in an effort to save her marriage. It wasn’t long before she felt compelled to get involved in the ministry.  She started running the Sunbeams, a social, spiritual and community service program for children ages six to 11. Beverly then went on to become a soldier in 2015.

Beverly said she had long struggled with anxiety in group situations and was very self-conscious about public speaking. Through the MaLT program she is now able to speak from the heart about God and even lead worship. She even lost 44 pounds over the eight months, thanks to the lessons she learned through MaLT’s wellness classes.

“I feel peace inside that I never want to lose. With God I feel the love,” she said.

Now both Beverly and Micah are MaLT graduates who are excited about the journey God has in store for them.

“God brought me out of this pit and set me on solid ground,” said Micah, who has since started the first Narcotics Anonymous program in Chambersburg. Having completed the MaLT program in May 2016, Micah has become accepted back into his family and is working part-time at the corps.  “This is above and beyond one of the best years of my life,” he said.

 For more information about MaLT and how you can register for the September 12 session, Contact Majors Burr at 717-264-6169 or

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