New Free Legal Aid Clinic at Temple Corps Community Center

Found_855293808_2036549The Salvation Army Greater Philadelphia is partnering with Christian Legal Clinics of Philadelphia to provide valuable legal counsel, as well as prayer, for those in need. This new free legal aid clinic at The Salvation Army Temple Corps Community Center, located at 1340 Brown Street, marks the first such program through Christian Legal Clinics in North Philadelphia.  The partnership kicks-off with a special Expungement Clinic on Saturday, May 14, 9 am – noon, at The Salvation Army Temple Corps Community Center.

“The Salvation Army Greater Philadelphia is committed to doing the most good in the community,” said Major A. Philip Ferreira, Director of Operations, The Salvation Army Greater Philadelphia. “This new free legal aid clinic in North Philadelphia allows us to provide hope and an opportunity for individuals to create a better life for themselves.”

Temple clients4
Clients awaiting assistance at Temple Corps Community Center

The Salvation Army Temple Corps Community Center serves more than 11,000 individuals and families in need each year who reside in North Philadelphia neighborhoods surrounding its location at Broad and Brown Streets. Social services, after-school programming, adult GED education, youth recreation and mentoring, summer camp and holiday assistance are among the many programs provided.

Christian Legal Clinics of Philadelphia is an urban legal ministry which seeks to address injustice and poverty in partnership with existing inner city host ministries by bringing volunteer attorneys into neighborhoods where their services are most needed. Clinics, such as the one at The Salvation Army Temple Corps Community Center, are established in clients’ own neighborhoods so they are able to conveniently meet one-on-one with an attorney for a free one hour consultation.

“A criminal record can be a serious barrier to employment,” explained Jaimee Moore, Legal Director, Christian Legal Clinics of Philadelphia. “There are so many people who walk around with this burden.”

Clients are given free sound advice, counsel and direction. Often pro-se coaching (how to represent oneself in court) is provided in matters clients can handle without representation.  Clients who qualify may be represented as a pro-bono case or a reduced fee referral to one of Christian Legal Clinics’ referral attorneys. In 2015, Christian Legal Clinics of Philadelphia provided assistance to more than 500 clients.

“Our clinics are staffed with attorneys who practice at large firms in Philadelphia during the day and then volunteer their services with us in the evenings,” Moore said. “This is priceless for our clients. It gives them a greater sense of value, hope and importance.”

The free Expungement Clinic on May 14th is by first-come, first serve basis. Call 215-399-0064, ext. 708 for a free consultation.

An individual may qualify for “expungement” if they:

  • Were charged for a criminal act and found not guilty
  • Were charged for a crime and the charges were later dropped or dismissed
  • Were charged but not convicted of a crime
  • Were convicted of a summary offense
  • Completed an “ARD” or “SAM” program

The North Philly Legal Clinic will be offered at The Salvation Army Temple Corps Community Center on the second Thursday of every month, 5 pm – 8 pm. Call 215-399-0064, ext. 708 to schedule a consultation for help with expungements, housing issues, wills, family matters, and more.

This is the eighth site for Christian Legal Clinics of Philadelphia within the city of Philadelphia. Its first site was started at The Salvation Army West Philadelphia Corps Community Center in 2002 and operates the first and third Thursday of every month from 5 pm – 8 pm.

About The Salvation Army Greater Philadelphia:

The Salvation Army Greater Philadelphia is a faith-based, comprehensive human service organization whose programs help individuals, families and whole communities lead healthier, safer and more productive lives. The Salvation Army is equipped to respond to both acute disasters such as fires and floods as well as the daily, ongoing struggles of the region’s less fortunate individuals. Since 1879, The Salvation Army has a record of success stemming from its holistic approach to providing for the needs of the whole individual – physically, emotionally, economically and spiritually. The Salvation Army’s programming operates community centers and residential facilities throughout the Philadelphia region offering shelter, hot meals, counseling, early childhood development, recreational opportunities, music programs, after-school arts and educational programs, job training, activities for older adults, spiritual development, and drug rehabilitation. For more information, please visit

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